Eighteen Yellow Roses

Words & Music by Bobby Darin & Jack Nitzsche
Recorded by Bobby Darin, 1963

E                B7           E
Eighteen yellow roses came today,

E                B7                E        E6     E7
Eighteen yellow roses in a pretty bouquet;

          A                       E                  C#m
When the boy came to the door, I didn't know what to say,

     B7                           E    B7
But eighteen yellow roses came today.

   E            B7                    E
I opened up the card to see what it said;

   E                    B7             E
I couldn't believe my eyes when I had read

        A                        E          C#m
"Though you belong to another I love you anyway."

     B7                            E   B7/F#
Yes, eighteen yellow roses came today

G                                E 
I never doubted your love for a minute;

G                                   E 
I always thought that you would be true.

G                                 E 
But now this box, and the flowers in it...

G                                E     B7 
I guess there's nothin' left for me to do

     E              B7                     E
But ask to meet the boy that's done this thing,

     E                    B7                 E
And find out if he's got plans to buy you a ring,

         A                         E               C#m
'Cause eighteen yellow roses will wilt and die one day,

       B7                            E   B7                  E
But a father's love will never fade away    will never fade away.

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