Listed below are links to other web sites which I have found particularly useful in seeking out the kind of music and guitar information found in The Guitarguy's Golden Classics. For the record, all of these sites were hand-selected by me, based solely on my own assessment of their value -- none is here because of the webmaster's request, or as the result of link exchange requests, because, as a matter of policy, I do not participate in link exchange requests:

Lyric Sites

The Original Lyrics World
Note, this is the original site by that name, now operated as a mirror site. It is not the site that currently carries the same name -- which, for my money, is a poor replacement. The original was, and remains, the site for lyrics to the most popular songs of the 20th Century -- it has virtually every song that hit the Top 40 from 1930 onward. It is no longer being updated, but it is still the premiere site of its type on the 'Net, and is a reliable source for a wealth of information.

Music History Sites is an extremely thorough resource for determining who recorded what, and when -- and which very often can provide information on authorship as well. Within recent months they have restructured the site, adding the capability to play snippets of probably millions of songs, but be advised, that capability comes at a cost: you've got to have a computer and operating system with capabilities enough to make it sing. As an information source, it's unparalleled. is a recent discovery to me, but is proving to be a valuable resource. I'd long relied on to show me when songs were first recorded, but lately it seems to be concentrating more on recent releases than it does on originals. Not so with SecondHandSongs. It gives information on the dates on first versions, as well as the dates on significant cover versions. Check it out.

Guitar Sites - Reed Kotler's site contains a wealth of information on how to re-harmonize basic chord structures and generally enrich the sound of the songs you're playing.

A recent visitor to this site pointed me to MidNiteSun whose webmaster describes the site as "a reference site for Jazz & Blues Players (containing a collection of "Jazz 'n' Blue" classics) MIDI Files, Chord Charts & Lyric Sheets." That's true, but it doesn't accurately emphasize the fact that he has a Midi and a Chord Chart and a Lyric Sheet for virtually all of the songs there -- and there's a lot of them. His chord charts are often 2-fers, as well, offering both a basic key signature version and also a Nashville Numbering version.

A Passion for Jazz is a very education-oriented site with depth enough to satisfy any urge you may get to learn more about the jazz idiom.

For a good range of music theory explanation and clarification, check out MusicTheory.Net. Recommended to me by a recent visitor to this site, it offers information usable to beginners as well as to more advanced musicians.

The lyric and guitar chord transcriptions on this site are the work of The Guitarguy and are intended for private study, research, or educational purposes only. Individual transcriptions are inspired by and and based upon the recorded versions cited, but are not necessarily exact replications of those recorded versions.