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Suggestions, Comments, etc.

I'm always on the lookout for songs like these -- songs that have withstood the test of time, and especially songs with a little musical "meat" on their bones. Got one that belongs here that I don't have? Send it along, or tell me where I can find it. General comments and questions are welcome, too. If you can think of a way to make this site more user-friendly...don't keep it to yourself!

Errors, Broken Links, etc.

Spot an error? I want to fix it! If you find a lyric error, attribution error or whatever else, let me know; let me know your source of information, too, so that I can double-check it -- it may have other information I'm looking for. If a link doesn't appear to work correctly -- goes nowhere, or goes to the wrong place -- let me know so I can fix it.

Song Requests

Know of a song you'd like to see here? Request it. guarantees there. My time for doing this kind of stuff is limited. I'll try...but I can't promise it'll wind up here. If you've got an .MP3 or .WAV file of the song from which I can do a transcription, all the better -- but please, just let me know that you have one -- do NOT send it with your request. I'll give you an alternate e-mail address to use for that.

I've been getting a lot of requests lately for what I feel are 50s-60s formula songs. You know the ones I'm referring to -- they're they ones in which every verse is a repetitive C-Am-F-G. You won't find many of them here, and the reason is, that's a choice on my part. I'm looking for songs that would be readily identifiable by melody, with no vocal at all. And with the cookie-cutter songs from the early rock era, one sounds so much like another that it's difficult to tell them apart if all you hear is the guitar. So, I'll look at the request...and I may even re-listen to it to before making a final decision. But as a general rule, they aren't where I'd rather spend my time, so the chances of that kind of song getting posted are slim.

By the same token, songs first written and first popularized much beyond 1970 or so are not very likely to get done, either. There are hundreds of tab sites devoted to rock music, and I have no particular desire to play "me too" with them. They do what they do better than I could, so you're much more likely to get positive results by searching them, rather than asking me. I have a fair number of these in my own personal collection, so it's not as though I dislike the music. They just don't belong here, on a site dedicated to Pop Standards.

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