The Guitarguy's Data File is a searchable summary listing of more than 3,300 pieces of American Popular Music, compiled from a wide variety of sources.

The index is subdivided into six alphabetic sections
to make the page size more manageable

. Each section displays four columns. Songs are listed alphabetically by Title in column one, followed by (2) Recording Artist, (3) Year Popularized, and (4) Supplemental Information (including highest position reached on the charts, who wrote the words and music, and other miscellaneous information about the song or the individuals involved.)

I started this listing in 1997 out of frustration because I could never seem to find a single source that told me what I wanted to know about the music I cared about: title, who recorded it, when it was on the charts, and who wrote it. After literally thousands of hours of research, compilation and typing, this is as close as I got...and still it is nowhere near complete, even though I gave it its only serious updating in December 2001, during which I added many of the songs contained in this site but not previously listed, and filled in a few of the hundreds of gaps. Nevertheless, hundreds of blanks still remain -- and, despite my best intentions, I'm sure many errors do, too.

The most glaring "error" that visitors may find is not merely its incompleteness, but its bias -- I included only songs that I was familiar with, or that were in some way significant to me. There are thousands of songs that have been popular which are not here; some genres are poorly represented, and others are not represented at all.

If your favorites seem not to appear here, I'm sorry -- but you can always do what I did, and Cyberspace would be the better for it.

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