One Hundred Years from Today

Words & Music by Ned Washington, Victor Young & Joe Young
Recorded by Maxine Sullivan, 1975

D               Bm7    Bm7/E     G   G/F#    A7
Don't save your kisses,    just pass them around,

D6               B7     Em7       A7+5
You'll find my reason, logically sound,

D9          D7/9          G6/9   G5     Gm
Who's gonna know that you passed them around,

E7  Bm7-5    A7   Cdim    A7  A7+5
One hundred years from today.

D               Bm7   Bm7/E  G  G/F#   A7    Edim
Why crave a penthouse,      fit for a Queen,

D6           B7         Em7           A7+5
Your nearer heaven, on mother earth's green,

D9          D7/9         G6/9   G5      Gm
If you had millions what would they all mean,

E7  Bm7-5    A7   A7+5    D
One Hundred Years from today.


Am7          D9    Am7           D9
So laugh and sing, make love the king,

   G6    Am7   D9  G6
Be happy while you may.

Bm7            E7       Bm7       E7
There's always one,  beneath the sun, 

         A7              Em7  G/B   A7  A7+5	
Who's  bound to make you feel that way,

D            Bm7     Bm7/E    G       G/F#  A7    Edim
The moon is shining,      and that's a good sign,

D6           B7         Em7           A7+5
Cling to me closer, and say you'll be mine,

D9       D7/9    G6/9   G5      Gm
Remember baby we won't see it shine,

E7  Bm7-5   A7    A7+5   B7
One Hundred Years from today.

E7  Bm7-5    A7   A7+5    D6
One Hundred Years from today.

Requested by, and based in part on a chart provided by, recent visitor Tom Belmont.

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