Twenty-Six Miles

Words & Music by band members Glen Larson & Bruce Belland
Recorded by The Four Preps, 1958 (#2)


C     Am7    Dm7  G
Twenty- six miles across the sea, 

C     Am7    F  G
Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me;

  C     Am7    Dm7       G  C
Santa Catalina, the island of romance, 

           Am7            Dm7    G
Romance, romance, romance.

  C       Am7        Dm7   G     C       Am7           Dm7    G
Water all around it everywhere, tropical trees and the salty air,

        C        Am7            Dm7      G      C      Dm7   C   C7
But for me the thing that's a-waitin' there's romance.

Bridge 1:

    Dm7       G         C         Am
It seems so distant, twenty-six miles away,

 F              G        C
Restin' in the water serene;

     Dm7     G      C     C/B   Am7       
I'd work for anyone, even the Navy,

Am7/G     D              Dm+7    Dm7       G
Who would float me to my island dream.

Twenty-six miles, so near yet far  
I'd swim with just some water-wings and my guitar;
I could leave the wings but I'll need the guitar for romance, Romance, romance, romance.

Repeat Refrain:

Bridge 2:

A tropical heaven out in the ocean,
Covered with trees and girls;
If I have to swim, I'll do it forever
Till I'm gazin' on those island pearls.

Forty kilometers in a leaky old boat,
Any old thing that'll stay afloat;
When we arrive we'll all promote romance, 
romance, romance, romance.

Repeat Refrain:

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