A Day in the Life of a Fool

Words & Music by Carl Sigman and Luiz Bonfa, 1959
Recorded by Jack Jones, 1966 (#62)

  Am	     Dm6   E7-9       Am    Dm6    E7		
A day in the life        of a fool;

  Am	     Dm7  G7        CM7      CM7/6
A sad and a long     lonely day.

                  Dm7     G7
I walk down the avenue

               CM7     CM7/6
And hope I'll run into

             Dm6          E7
The welcome sight of you

 Bm7-5    E7    Fdim     E7
Coming my way.

  Am	       Dm6  E7            Am   Dm6   E7
I stop just across    from your door;

   A7sus4        Gdim    Dm   Gdim   Dm
But you're never home anymore.

               Dm6   E7   
So back to my room

                   Am    Dm6
And there in the gloom

   E7   Bm7-5  E7		Am   Dm6  Am
I cry              tears of good-bye.

         Dm7         Am7
Til you come back to me,

           Dm7         Am7
That's the way it will be,

       Dm7        Em7	  Am7
Every day in the life of a fool.

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