After The Ball

Words & Music by Charles Harris
Recorded by Kathryn Grayson as "Magnolia Hawks," 1951*

G         C       G    D7
After the ball is o - ver,

G         G/B  Edim D7
After the break of day,

Am                 Fdim   Am
After the dancers' leav - ing,

D9         D7        G     D7
After the stars are gone,

G       C       G          G/F#  Bm7-5
Many a heart is ach - ing;

E7                     A7
If you could read them all,

D7       Fdim       G      E7
Many the hopes have van - ished

A7   D7       G
Af - ter the ball.

*The attribution to Grayson here is actually somewhat arbitrary -- it is cited because it is among the more recent versions of "Show Boat" (in which this has always been included, although it was written near 40 years before the 1929 original version of that show.)

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