Words & Music by Dorcas Cochran & Lionel Newman
Recorded by Doris Day, 1949 (#2)*

D7 G  G/B Em Am7           D9     Am7   G     Bm7   
Again,       this couldn't happen a - gain

Am7           D9  Am7    G6        Edim
This is that once  in a lifetime

Am7         D7/9   Cm7-5   G    G/B   Em  Am7   D7
This is the thrill  di - vine

D7+5    G  G/B Em Am7         D9      Am7   G     Bm7
What's more,      this never happened be - fore

Am7            D9    Am7    G6        Edim
Though I have prayed for a lifetime

     Am7     C#m7-5        G    B7    Am7  (Cdim?)
That such as   you  would suddenly be mine


CM7     CM7/6       Cm7-5       D7       G   B7        Dm7     G7   
Mine to hold as I'm holding you now, and yet never so near;

CM7    CM7/6         Cm7-5         D7        Am7  Am7alt  
Mine to have when the now and the here disappear.

D9            Am7   D+
What matters, dear, for

 G  G/B Em Am7          D9    Am7   G     Bm7
When       this doesn't happen a - gain,

Am7             D9   Am7    G6        Edim
We'll have this mo - ment forever,

Am7 D9    Cdim   D7    G
But never, never a - gain.

This song was covered by numerous artists in 1949, and six other competing versions reached the charts: Gordon Jenkins #2); Mel Torme (#3); Vic Damone (#6); Tommy Dorsey (#6); Art Moony (#7); and Vera Lynn (#23).

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