Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life

Words & Music by Rida Johnson Young & Victor Herber
Recorded by Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald, 1935
From "Naughty Marietta"

E7/6  E7    A9   A       AM7         F#m   A    D9
 Ah! sweet mys - te - ry of life, at last I've found thee; 

E7  E6      E     Esus4     E9   D9    A
Ah! At last I know the se - cret of it all; 

E7/6  E7  A9     A          AM7               F#m          E               
 All the long - ing, seek - ing, stri - ving, wait - ing, yearn - ing, 

   Edim      B7        Edim     B7        Bm7-5        E7
The i - dle hopes, the joys and burn - ing tears that fall! 

E7/6  E7   A9        A        AM7      F#m      D9
 For 'tis love, and love a - lone, the world is seek - ing; 

E7  E6     E      Esus4 E   E9     E   D9          A
And it's love, and love a - lone, I've wait - ted for; 

A7       F#       Gdim     F#7      Edim      D            B7
And my heart has heard the ans - wer to it's call - ing -- 

   Dm6 Fdim  A        F#m       E7  E7/6   A 
For it  is  love that rules for ev - er - more! 

Suggested by frequent visitor and contributor Bob A. (who probably would have preferred my using Mario Lanza's version.) But what the heck -- its presence here is a bit of an anomaly anyway. Hardly a "pop standard" (in fact, I'm still looking for evidence that it ever charted) it is nevertheless so well-known that it verges on becoming a caricature of itself.

The lyrics for this song, as I believe originally written, are not the ones that Eddy & MacDonald sing in their classic duet. There are minor changes and re-arrangements throughout, but in particular, the last two lines as sung are clearly different from the original. I'm using their duet version because I suspect it rings more clearly in the memory of those who remember it at all.

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