Al Di La

Words & Music by Labati Carlo Donida, Giulio Rapetti
English lyric by Ervin M. Drake
Recorded by Emilio Pericoli, 1962 (#6)

D7    G                     Em            Am7   D7
Al di la means you are far above me, very far

       G                     Em            Am7   D7
Al di la, as distant as the lovely evening star

           C           Am7
Where you walk flowers bloom

          Cm           Cdim            G
When you smile all the gloom turns to sunshine

        D7          Em7
And my heart opens wide

             D       Em      Bm7      Am7          D7
When you're gone it fades inside and seems to have died

      G                     Em              Am7   D7
Al di la, I wondered as I drifted where you were

       G                     Em                Am7   D7
Al di la, the fog around me lifted, there you were

        G           G+5          C          Cm   Am7 D7  G
In the kiss that I gave was the love I had saved for  a lifetime

D7      G          Em7         Am7 D7  G
Then I knew all of you was completely mine.

Italian lyric (can't swear to it's accuracy)
Al di lą del bene pił prezioso, ci sei tu.
Al di lą del sogno pił ambizioso, ci sei tu.
Al di lą delle cose pił belle.
Al di lą delle stelle, ci sei tu.
Al di lą, ci sei tu per me, per me, soltanto per me.
Al di lą del mare pił profondo, ci sei tu.
Al di lą dei limiti del mondo, ci sei tu.
Al di lą della volta infinita, al di lą della vita.
Ci sei tu, al di la, ci sei tu per me.

The most widely known version of this one was recorded by Emilio Pericoli in 1962 (it reached #6) so I'm crediting him here. The song has been recorded variously by Dean Martin, Al Martino, Jerry Vale and by the Ray Charles singers -- and the word "variously" truly applies, because it seems the English lyric on each of them varies slightly, as does the melody at the end of the first verse, so you're seeing something of a synthesis of multiple versions here, even though it's Pericoli's name in the credit line.

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