All By Myself

Words & Music by Irving Berlin, 1921
Recorded by Bobby Darin, 1962

A        Cdim         A       F#m
All by myself in the morning

E7      Bm7-5 Cdim     A
All by myself  in the night

        AM7        F#7         B7
I sit alone with a table and a chair

E7     Cdim      Bm7-5   E7       Cdim Bm7-5   E7
So un - hap - py there, play - ing sol - i - taire

A        Cdim         A       F#m
All by myself, I get lonely

G#7         Ebm7-5 F#7      C#7
Watching the clock  on the shelf

    Fdim(III)    D      Bm7-5 Cdim
I'd   love   to rest my weary head 

   Fdim              A   AM7  F#7
On some - bod - y's shoul -   der

  Cdim         B7       E7    Bm7-5    A
I hate to grow old - er    all  by  myself

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