Allegheny Moon

Words & Music by Al Hoffman & Dick Manning
Recorded by Patti Page, 1956 (#2)

  A+       D                  D6
Allegheny moon, I need your light

           D alt          DM7        D6    Cdim   Em
To help me find romance tonight, so shine, shine, shine.

           A7               Edim
Allegheny moon, your sliver beams

             Em6           Em6 alt      A7    A7+   D
Can lead the way to golden dreams, so shine, shine, shine.

 A+              D               D6
High among the stars so bright above,

          D alt           DM7 (A7)   D   D+    G  G/F# Em
The magic of your lamp of love can  make her mine;

B7         Em             Gdim         D       (D7)    B7
Allegheny moon, it's up to you; please see what you can do

A7+ Em            A9       A7   D   Fdim   Em7   A+
For me and for my one and only love.

(Last time)

A+7 Em            A9       A7   D   Bm  G  Gdim   D
For me and for my one and only love.

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