All I Do Is Dream Of You

Words & Music by Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown
Recorded by Dick Robertson, 1934
From the 1934 film "Sadie McKee"

A     E      A       Edim      E7          E
All I do is dream of you the whole night through;

E7        E      E7     Fdim     A
With the dawn I still go on and dream of you.

       A        A9           A      A9
You're every thought, you're everything,

        D    D6    Fdim   D6
You're every song I ever sing,

B7   Bm7-5 Cdim  B7   E7       Bm7-5  E7
Sum - mer, win - ter, au - tumn and spring.

     A           E        A     Edim  E7      E
And were there more than twenty four hours a day,

E7         E       E7      Fdim     A
They'd be spent in sweet content, dreaming away.

      A        A9           A       A9
When skies are grey, when skies are blue,

D        D6                    B7
Morning, noon and night-time, too,

A    Bm7-5   A       F#7      D9   E7     A
All I do is dream of you the whole day through.

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