Almost There

Words & Music by Jack Keller & Gloria Shayne
Recorded by Andy Williams, 1964 (#67)

A  F#m       E7   Cdim   A F#m        D9   Dm6
Al  -  most there, we're al  -  most there 

Fdim D9   A   Bm7  F#m       C#        G#7
How wonderful, wonderful our love will be 

    C#7      D9   E7
For you, for me 

      A  F#m       E7    Cdim  A  F#m      D9   Dm6
We're al  -  most there, where we    will share

Fdim D9         A   Bm7  F#m             D9        E7/9
  A warm ca - ress, ten - der - ness, a dream come true 

    D9      E7
For me, for you 


 D9      D6/9   D9 Bm7-5       Dm6  Bm7-5
Love has wai - ted      such a long time 

 A          D9  Bm7-5   A
Now we're a kiss  a - part 

Bm         Bm7/E         B7
Dar - ling, this is the right time 

   E7      Cdim        E7
To let the kis - ses start 

E7/9 E7 E7/6  E7  A  F#m       E7  Cdim  A  F#m    D9   Dm6
For     you're    al  -  most mine and soon we'll find 

Fdim D9         A   F#m       Cdim     B7  Bm7-5
Our par - a - dise, par - a - dise so rare 

E7/6  E7    A   F#m          D9   E7    A
Close your eyes    for we're al - most there. 

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