Alone At Last

Words & Music by John Lehman
Adapted from Tchaikovsky's Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor
Recorded by Jackie Wilson, 1960 (#8)

E   E7/6 Fdim  A       A9 Asus4
A - lone  at last, you and  I, 

A    AM7    A   Bm   F#m Bm7-5  Bm
To - geth - er locked in   a   sigh;

 E  Bm7-5  Cdim   E     Edim      E7
The   mu - sic's soft, lights are low, 

Fdim Bm7-5 Cdim A  F#7     D9     E
The  mood   is one    all lovers know.

E  Cdim E   D9  E7/6  E7  A      A9 Asus4
Oh, my  dar  -  ling, at last we are one, 

A   AM7  A   Bm    F#m  Bm7-5  E
The trip to heav - en's  be - gun; 

  C#7       F#7         C#7        Cdim        B7
I kiss your fin - ger - tips, your eyes, your lips, 

    A       C#7        A     A9   A   F#m  Fdim   A
Oh what ex - ci - ting mo - ments we share when we're

Bm  Fdim  D9  E   A
All  a - lone at last.

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