Always In My Heart

Words & Music by Kim Gannon & Ernesto Lecuona
Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1942, Ray Eberle vocal

F#m    E7sus4   E7  D9 Dm6  AM7   D9   AM7
You are  al -  ways in my  heart,

E7       F#m7         Fdim     AM7  D9  AM7
E - ven though you're far  a - way;

E7    F#m7    Cdim      AM7   C#m7-5
I can hear the mu - sic of 

             F#7   Cdim       D
The song of love I sang with you.

E7     Bm7-5     E7/6    D9    E7
You are al - ways in  my heart,

        Bm7-5      Cdim      E7
And when skies a - bove are gray

E7     Fdim      Edim      D9
I re - mem - ber that you care,

   Bm7-5      E7/9  E7  Fdim   D9      A     Edim   E7
And then and there, the sun  breaks through.

F#m     E7sus4  E7 D9 Dm6  AM7   D9   AM7
Just be - fore  I  go to  sleep,

E7        AM7         D9 Fdim  AM7  D9 - Bm7-5 - AM7
There's a ren - dez - vous I  keep

E7      AM7    F#m       Gdim
And the dream I al - ways meet 

Cdim  A7 Cdim Gdim      Edim      Bm   F#7   Bm              
Helps me for - get we're far a - part.

        F#7      Gdim       D     Dm6   E7
I don't know ex - act - ly when, Dear,

       Bm7-5       Cdim      A     D9    A
But I'm sure we'll meet a - gain, Dear.

E7     F#m         Cdim    E7
And my Dar - ling, 'til we do

       Bm7-5     Fdim     A
You are al - ways in my heart.

*Requested by recent visitor Jose Elpidama.

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