An Affair to Remember (Our Love Affair)

Words & Music by Harold Adamson, Leo McCarey & Harry Warren
Recorded by Vic Damone, 1957 (#16)

      D       Fdim       A         Am
Our love af - fair is a wond'rous thing

      Em      A7         D    DM7
That we'll rejoice in remembering.

     Bm7      E            C#m     F#m7
Our love was born with our first embrace

     Bm7-5      E7          Em7       A9
And a page was torn out of time and space

  A+  D        Fdim              A      Am
Our  love af - fair . . . may it always be

    Em      A7              Am6   D7/9    D7
A flame to burn through e - ter -  ni  -  ty.

    Em     Gdim        F#m7     B7
So take my hand with a fervant prayer

    Cdim     Em7  A9 F#m7    B7  
That we may live and we may share

   Em7      A9   A7      A-9    D     
A love af - fair to re - mem - ber.

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