And That Reminds Me (My Heart Reminds Me)

Words & Music by Al Stillman & Camillo Bargoni
Recorded by Della Reese, 1957 (#9)

C      CM7      CM7/6      CM7
I hear the sound  of  mu - sic,

Cdim Bm7-5        Cdim    B7
Your  fav - 'rite kind of mu - sic,

Dm7 Dm6      Fdim       G7       C   B7
And that re- minds me, Dear, of you.

E         EM7       E6
I see the sum - mer ro - ses,

Edim Cdim        Edim    Gdim
Your fav - 'rite shade of ro - ses,

F#m7 Cdim     F#m7      B7      E    G7
And that re - minds me, too, of you, Dear.

C      CM7     CM7/6    CM7
If I could hear no mu - sic,

Cdim Bm7-5      Cdim   B7
 If there should be no ro - ses,

Dm7 Dm6      Fdim       G7      C  Em7   A7
No sum - mer night to make me dream as I do,

F     Fm     Dm7        Bbm9
Per - haps I might for - get you,

    C     Bm7-5   Gdim
But in my heart I know

Dm7     G           Am7   Cdim    G/B      C
That I need no re - mind - der to miss you so.

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