Angel Eyes

Words & Music by Earl K. Brent & Matt Dennis, 1946
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1958*

C7    F        G7      CM7     Am
Hey, drink up, all you people,

    F7         G7      CM7  Am
And order anything you see;

      Am       Am+7  Am7      D
Have fun, you happy people --

     F             E7        Am    Dm7 - E7
The drink and the laugh's on me.

Am      Bb9        Am           F7
Try to think that love's not around,

Am           Dm      Dm7  E7
Still it's uncomfortably near;

Am           D9        Am           Bb9
My poor old heart ain't gainin' no ground

   Am             Bb9  E7    Am
Because my angel eyes ain't here.

Am    Bb9        Am         F7
Angel eyes, the old Devil sent,

Am           Dm   Dm7 E7
They glow unbearably bright;

    Am      D9          Am        Bb9
And need I say that my love's misspent,

     Am        Bb9  E7       Am
Misspent with angel eyes tonight?

    F        G7         CM7     Am
So drink up, all of you people,

F          G7      CM7   Am
Order anything you see;

Am           Am+7  Am7      D
Have lots of fun, you happy people --

      Am          Am+7       Bb9  E7
The drink and the laugh's on me.

Am    Bb9     Am        F7
Pardon me, but I gotta run --

    Am        Dm   Dm7  F7   E7
The fact's uncommonly clear.

Am      D9          Am           Bb9
I gotta find who's now the number one

     Am          Bb9      E7     Am
And why my angel eyes she ain't here.

Dm        Dm7         Bb9  E7      Am
'Scuse me     while I dis  -  ap - pear.

*This is the song Sinatra used to "retire" from performing on June 13, 1971.

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