Angel of the Morning

Words & Music by Chip Taylor
Recorded by Merillee Rush & the Turnabouts, 1968 (#7)
Repopularized by Juice Newton, 1981 (#4)

D                Em7                 A7
There'll be no strings to bind your hands,

           G          A9         D    Em7    F#m7   G    A9
Not if my love can't bind your heart.

D               Em7            A7
And there's no need to take a stand,

           G      A9       D     Em7    F#m7   G    A9
For it was I who chose to start.

Em7                        A7    A7sus4   A7
I see no need to take me home;

Em7                         A7
I'm old enough to face the dawn.


D             Bm7         A7       G     A7
Just call me angel of the morning, An - gel,

D             Bm7              A7        G    A7
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, ba - by.

D            Bm7          A7       G    A7
Just call me angel of the morning, An - gel,

G     G/F#   Em       G/B     D  Em7  F#m7  G  A9    D  Em7  A7   G    A9
Then slowly turn away    from me.

D          Em7                A7               
Maybe the sun's light will be dim 

             G      A9        D    Em7   F#m7   G    A9
And it won't matter an - y - how.

D             Em7             A7
If morning's echo says we've sinned... 

              G     A9      D    Em7  F#m7   G    A9
Well, it was what I wanted now.

Em7                              A7   Em7                     A7
And if we're the victims of the night, I won't be blinded by light.

Repeat Refrain:

Chip Taylor (born James Wesley Voight) is the younger brother of actor Jon Voight. Chip also wrote "Wild Thing", which was a big hit for The Troggs in 1966 and "I Can't Let Go" (co-written with Al Gorgoni), which was a hit for The Hollies (although it didn't chart in the Billboard Top 40 in the United States).

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