The Anniversary Waltz

Words & Music by Al Dubin & Dave Franklin
Recorded by Vera Lynn, 1942

D           A7     Em7   D     A7
We just discovered each other

   D               A7   Em7  B7
Tonight when the lights were low;

Em            B7      Em
One dance led up to another,

    Bm7        E7/6 E7  A7
And now I can't let you go.

D    A7 D Em7 D    G     D    A7  D6          Cdim  Fdim Em7   A7
Tell me I may al - ways dance the Anniversary Waltz with you.

Em7      A7     G/B      A7      Em7         Fdim        D
Tell me this is real romance, an anniversary dream come true.

    D7/9    D9  D7/9   D9 Am7 G     D9   G
Let this be the anthem to our fu - ture years:

Em7/9    Em7 Em7/9       G/B        A7+5
Millions of smiles and a few little tears.

D  A7 D     G    D   Cdim  B7     Em7         A7    A7+5  D
May I al - ways lis - ten  to the Anniversary Waltz with you.

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