April In Paris

Words & Music by E. Y. Harburg & Vernon Duke, 1932
Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, 1956

Fm       Bb    C   Fm            Bb     C
April in Par - is, chestnuts in blos - sum,

CM7     Bb    C   C/B        Gm7    C7
Holiday ta - bles under the trees.

Bm7-5    E7    F    E7       G#m    Am
April in Par - is, this is a feel - ing

Bb9        B7         E7
No one can ever re - prise.

FM7 Fdim  Bb9       C6           
I   never knew the charm of spring,

Fdim         Fm7      C
Never met it face to face;

Am E7             Am
I  never knew my heart could sing,

Bb9            B7         E     
Never missed a warm em - brace

Dm7 Fm          Bb    C    Gdim       FM7 Bb9
Til A - pril in Par - is.  Whom can I run to?

FM7           Bb9  G7      C
What have you done to my heart?

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