A You're Adorable (The Alphabet Song)

Words & Music by Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise & Sid Lippman
Recorded by Perry Como with the Fontane Sisters, 1949 (#1)

 D7   G     G6   G        D7  Am7  D7        G
When John - ny Jones was ser - e - na - ding Mar - y

   Am   A9     Am    Am+7 AM7sus4 Am        D7
He sure could quote a lot    of   po - e - try

          G              E7                D            Cdim
But he'd much rath - er tell 'er what he learned in his spel - ler

          G         G/F#      A     Edim          D
When they both at - ten - ded P - S thir - ty - three.

G            B7            E7 Edim      E7
A you're a - dor - a - ble, B you're so beau - ti - ful

A7         Em7      Cdim      A7
C you're a cu - tie full of charms

C          Cm7           Bm7            E7          
D you're a dar - ling and E you're ex - ci - ting and

Am7         D7               G
F you're a feath - er in my arms

G            B7      E7 Edim      E7
G you look good to me H you're so heav - en - ly

A7           Em7  Cdim      A7
I you're the one I i - do - lize

C             Cm7         Bm7          E7          
J we're like Jack and Jill K you're so kis - sa - ble

Am7        D7                 G
L  is the love light in your eyes

Am7 Edim G  Em   Am7         D9 Am7  G
 M,  N,  O, P  -- I could go on all day

Am7 Edim G  Em              A7             Gdim         D     Am7  D9
 Q,  R,  S,  T - al - pha - bet - ic - 'ly spea - king, you're O - K

G          B7               E7             Edim    E7
U made my life com - plete, V means you're ver - y sweet

A7            Em7 Cdim  A7
Doub - le - U, X,  Y,   Z

     Am7                Cdim      G         Fdim      E7
It's fun to wan - der through the al - pha - bet with you

   Am7  Em7 Am7 Edim  D  Cdim G
To tell you what you mean to me.

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