Baby, Dream Your Dream

Words & Music by Dorothy Fields & Cy Coleman
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1991
From the 1966 Broadway musical "Sweet Charity"

D    D9    D    A7   D    DM7 D+   A7    D+  A7   D+
Ba - by, dream your dream -- close your eyes and try it.

  Bm     F#7          D7  Am7  D7   Cdim 
Dream of furniture, dream that I can buy it.

G    G/F#  Em7     Em6        A    G         A    Em7  A  Edim
That fancy bed you prayed for, not on - ly bought but paid for.

D     D9  D   A7   D    DM7  D+ A7   D+  A7    D+
Dream we sign the lease,   leave a small de - pos - it;

  Bm  F#7    Bm        F#7  B7     B7/F#      B7
Three    and one-half rooms with a walk - in closet.

G    G/F#     Em7   Em6  A  Bm     F#7     Bm        Cdim
We'll ask the local jet set     to dine on our di - nette set.

 Bm   F#7  Bm         F#7    Am    Am+7      D7    D6  D7
Right    across the street, there's     a friend - ly bank;

 G   D7      G     Am7  G    Gm      Cm7  Fdim    C7
You make a friend - ly loan, and the bank says: "Thank you."

D     D9  D    A7   D   DM7 D+    A7    D+  A7  D+
Ev' - ry Sat - ur - day,   we'll spend all our mon - ey.

  Bm     F#7        D7  Am7   D7       Cdim 
Join the P.T.A. -- they will love you, honey!

 G   G/F#     A     Edim         F#7   Cdim  G
Life will be frozen peaches and cream,  Ba - by,

  A  Em7  A7  Em7  F#7   B7   G6   A7/6  G     Edim   D
Dream    your     dream,     dream your dream.


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