Baby, Oh Where Can You Be

Words & Music by Ted Koehler, Frank Magine
Recorded by Fats Waller, 1929

D     G       D     A7
Ev'rywhere I see a pair 

      D       F#7       B7
Like lovebirds up in a tree,

Em7   A7   Edim      A7  D  F#m Gdim  Em7 A7
Baby,   oh where can you be?      I  need you.

D     G           D        A7
Moon above, it's time for love

    D    F#7      B7
For ev'rybody but me --

Em7   A7 G         Em7  D   G  Edim  D
Baby, oh where can you be?

   Edum        B7         B7/F#  Cdim               B7
It seems that each little breeze sighs through the trees,

B7          Cdim     B7     B7/F#
Tellin' me "Don't be blue."

E7          Bm7-5  E7            Bm7-5
Stars sympathize; guess they are wise --

E7          Bm7-5 E7   A7
They kind of miss you, too.

D             G         D        A7
Nights like this don't hold much bliss

    D       F#7      B7
For one as lonely as me;

Em7   A7 G         Em7  D   
Baby, oh where can you be?

*Requested by recent visitor René Michiels

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