Words & Music by Carl Sigman & Bob Russell
Recorded by Vaughn Monroe, 1947 (#1)*

D      Em7        A7   Em6  D      D6
Dance, bal - le - ri - na, dance, 

    D       A7          D9     G         Cdim      Em7        A7  Em7  A7
And do your pir - ou - ette in rhy - thm with your ach - ing heart.

 Em               B+        Em7      Em6
Dance, bal - le - ri - na, dance,

   Em                    B+    Em7       Em6     Em7  A7   D     A7
You mus - n't once for - get a dan - cer has to dance the part.

D      Em7        A7   Em6  D      D6
Whirl, bal - le - ri - na, whirl,

     D        A7         D9         G       Cdim    Em7        A7  Em7  A7
And just ig - nore the chair that's emp - ty in the se - cond row.

Em           B+         Em7      Em6
This is your mo - ment, girl,

      Em                   B+       Em7         Em6     Em7  A7   D
Al - though he's not out there ap - plaud - ing as you steal the show.


          F#    F#7           C#m7-5 F#7  Bm     Em6
Once you said, "His love must  wait  its turn."

Bm             B7  B+     Em  B+               E7         Em7  
You wan - ted fame in - stead; I guess that's your con - cern --

   G/B        A7
We live and learn.

           D      Em7        A7   Em6  D      D6
And love is gone, bal - le - ri - na, gone,

   D        A7       D9           G        Cdim    Em7           A7 Em7 A7
So on with your ca - reer -- you can't af - ford a back - ward glance.

Em           B+     Em7  Em6
Dance on and on and on;

   Em                B+        Em7              Em6
A thou - sand people here have come to see the show

    Em7                A7
As round and round you go,

   G/B        A7       D      Am7     D6
So bal - le - ri - na dance, dance, dance.

*This song was also memorably recorded by Nat King Cole in 1957 when it reached #18. Though it never achieved quite the level of popularity that Monroe's version did, Cole's version has out-lasted Monroe's.

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