Because You're Mine

Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & Nicholas Brodszky
Recorded by Nat King Cole, 1952 (#16

G    Em7   Am7    GM7  D7/9  G9        D9     G
Be - cause you're mine, the brightest star I see

 D9             G        Bm7       G
Looks down, my love, and en - vies me

C    C/B    Am7   Em7   C    D7/9          D7
Be - cause you're mine, be - cause you're mine.

C     Em7         Am         D6         Am7     D7
Be - cause you're mine, the breeze that hurries by

D9           Am7      Edim     D7
Be - comes a mel - o - dy and why?

     Cdim         G    Am7      Cdim          G
Be - cause you're mine,    be - cause you're mine

G Em7  E7-9        Am7  Em7 C Em7  Am
I only know for as long as  I may live

C    C/B  Am7 A7  Em7     Bm7       Em7   A7  Em7 Gdim D7
I'll on - ly live for the kiss that you alone may give me

G   Em7  Am7 GM7   D7/9  G9     D9     G
And when we  kiss, that isn't thunder, dear,

     D9   G        Bm7       G6
It's only my poor heart you hear 

    Cdim    C       Am7  Cdim    G
And its applause because you're mine.

*Requested by recent visitor Rapplguitar. He actually requested the Mario Lanza version, but due to a personal bias against Lanza's operatic vocal style, I opted instead for Cole's mellower rendering of the song, even though Cole's reached only #16 and Lanza's actually reached #7.

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