The Best Things In Life Are Free

Words & Music by B. G. DeSylva, Lew Brown & Ray Henderson, 1927
Recorded by Dinah Shore, 1948 (#18)

G7   C   C/B  Am7   Cdim CM7        CM7/6
The moon be - longs  to  ev'ryone --

    C              Edim Cdim  Dm7       G7
The best things in life  are  free.

    Dm         Dm+7   Dm7        Dm6
The stars be - long to ev'ryone --

      F              Dm7 Fdim C
They gleam there for you  and me.

    C       C9 C    C9      C7
The flow - ers in Spring,

     F    F6   F    F6
The rob - ins that sing,

  D7sus4             D7
The sun - beams that shine,

        Dm7    Bb9     G7   
They're yours, they're mine.

G7+5  C   C/B  Am7  Cdim CM7       CM7/6  A9
And  love be - longs to  ev' - ry - one --

A7   Dm   Dm+7     Dm7  Bb9  C
The best things in life are free.

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