Beyond The Reef

Words & Music by Jack Pitman
Recorded by Andy Williams, 1959

A7   A7/6 A7/9  Em7  G/B  A7
Be - yond  the reef,

          G/B A7  D9       D   Em7   D
Where the sea is dark and cold,

   Cdim  A7 Em7  G/B  A7          G      A7   D   Cdim  Gdim
My love has gone         and our dreams grow old.

 A7     A7/6 A7/9  Em7  G/B  A7
There'll be   no  tears,

        G/B A7    D9   D  G  D
There'll be no regretting.
    Cdim A7   Em7  G/B  A7     G   D   A7  D
Will she re - mem - ber me?   Will she forget? 

     Cdim D7 G9        G      Gm7
I'll send a thousand flowers 

          Edim        D
Where the tradewinds blow;

     Cdim D7 G9       G   G/F# G/E      Edim     A7  Em7  A7
I'll send my lonely heart,        for I love her so.

A7     A7/6 A7/9  Em7  G/B  A7
Some - day   I   know 

       G/B       A7   D9      D
She'll come back a - gain to me; 

     Cdim A7  Em7      G/B A7 G   D   A7  D
'Til then my heart will be    beyond the reef.

Thanks to D. Galloway for the the suggestion, and the assist.

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