That Was a Big Fat Lie

Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & Jule Styne
Recorded by Doris Day, 1948
From the movie "Romance on the High Seas"

   Am       E7         Am7       G/B       C     Am7   Em7  Cdim
I kind of believed you when you said your nights were lone - ly

  G        D9      G G/F#  A    
Until the day that I came by;

     C                 Bm7             C   C/B D9  Cdim
But when you whispered that I was your one and on - ly,

 C         Am7     D7
That was a big fat lie.

   Am               E7    Am7   G/B       C    Am7   Em7  Cdim
I should have been wiser than I was, and seen right through you,

 G       D9      G  G/F#  A
But the moon got in  my  eye;

      C             Bm7           C  C/B  D9  Cdim
That stuff about I never lived until  I  knew  you,

C         Cdim      G
That was a big fat lie.

    D7/9       Em        B7      Cdim      Em        B7 
You must have started to fib when you were wearing a bib

    Cdim    G    Em7  Am7 Edim  G
And such a hab - it's hard to break;

  E7      A       E       Fdim      A            E 
A little lie is okay, but when you lie night and day,

 E7     Am           Am7     D7
That's more than even I can take.

     Am         E7    Am7    G/B    C  Am7 Em7 Cdim
You told me we oughta marry, and I let you sway me,

  G        D9    G    G/F#   A    
Kissed my happy days good - bye;

      C                Bm7              C C/B  D9 Cdim
And when you told that man you'd honor and  o - bey me,

C     Am    Cdim   D  D7   G
That, baby, was a big fat lie.


Lets face it you're no George Washington

   C      C/B  Am7  Am7/G  Bm7        Bm7-5      E       
An over exaggeration  of a super pre - var - i - ca - tion -- 

Edim   Am7 D7   G
Just a big fat lie.

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