Blue Champagne

Words & Music by Grady Watts & Frank Ryerson
Recorded by Jimmy Dorsey, 1941 (#1)

D        Em7  Edim        A7    A7+5  D        Em7  A7  Edim
Blue Champagne -- purple shadows and Blue Champagne,

          Bb7   A7    D      Em7 Gm7         A7          D   B7  E7  A7
With the echoes that still remain   I keep a blue rendezvous.

D        Em7  Edim        A7    A7+5  D        Em7  A7
Bubbles rise like a fountain before my eyes,

         Bb7   A7  D      Em7 Gm7          A7         D  Gdim D  F#7
And they suddenly crystallize    to form a vision of you.


Bm7               F#7     Bm7              F#7
All the plans we started, all the songs we sang,

 D           G/B  A7sus4  D    F#7
Each little dream   we   knew 

Bm7         F#7      D           F#7
Seem to overtake me like a boomerang.

D            E7     Fdim(III)        A7
Blue is the sparkle,  gone   is the tang;

      D     Em7  Edim         A7    A7+5  D    Em7  A7  Edim
Each old refrain     keeps returning  as  I remain

        Bb7      A7    D      Em7   Gm7
With my memories and blue champagne

              A7       Gdim   D
To toast the dream that was you.

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