Blue Christmas

Words & Music by Bill Hayes & Jay Johnson, 1948
Recorded by Elvis Presley, 1957

 G   Am7  G/B  C    Am7    Am7/G Cdim    G
I'll have  a  blue Christ - mas  with - out you;

 G   Am7 G/B  G7   Dm7     G Fdim  C
I'll be   so blue think - ing a - bout you. 

 C   Em7  Gm7  Edim  A7 Gm7 Edim A7  Dm   Edim    Gdim  Dm   Dm+7
Dec - o - ra - tions of red  on   a green Christ - mas tree

D7    Am7  D9  D7    Am7   
Won't mean  a thing, Dear, 

D9   G    G/F#  Am7 Edim D7
If you're not here with me 

 G   Am7  G/B  C      Am7     Cdim    G
I'll have  a  blue Christmas, that's certain;

G   Am7   G/B  G7   Dm7     G    Fdim  C
And when that blue heart - ache starts hurt - in',

  C   Em7  Gm7  Edim A7   Gm7
You'll be  do -  in' all right [Cm D7 Cm]  

Edim  A7   Dm      A7     Cdim(IV)
With your Christ - mas of  white,

D7/9  G       Dm7 G7   G7/6  C9        C  (Cdim Dm7)
 But I'll have a blue, blue Christ - mas.

Chords in parentheses are for an optional turnaround

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