Blue Gardenia

Words & Music by Lester Lee & Bob Russell
Recorded by Nat King Cole, 1961

Em7 Cdim  A7(V) A7/6  F#m       DM7      B7
Blue gar - den - ia,  now I'm alone with you

DM7      B7   F#m     D9 Bm7-5       A7   D
And I am also blue -- she has tossed us aside.

 A  A7/6 Em7 Cdim  A7(V) A7/6  F#m       DM7      B7
And like you, gar - den - ia, once I was near her heart

DM7       B7        F#m     Em7      A7     G/B   A7 C#7
After the teardrops start, where are tear - drops to hide?


E C#m7-4 F#m    Fdim - B7    E   B7    E    Cdim
I lived  for an hour   --   what more can I tell?

 A    F#m     D9    Fdim   E7  F#7      Edim    B7
Love bloomed like a flow - er , then the petals fell.

Em7 Cdim  A7(V) A7/6  DM7        F#m      E7/9
Blue gar - den - ia, thrown to a passing breeze

Gdim D9    F#m    Bm  Bm7/E Em7  Edim   D
But pressed in my book  of  mem - or - ries.

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