Blue Moon

Words & Music by Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers
Recorded by Billy Eckstine, 1948; also by The Marcels, 1961

G7     C    Am7  Dm7
Blue moon, 

            G7        C    Am7    Dm7
You saw me standing alone

           D7         CM7    Am7    D7 
Without a dream in my heart,

           F          C   Am7  Dm7
Without a love of my own.

Blue moon,
You knew just what I was there for,
You heard me saying a prayer for

F          G            C        F - Fm     C
Someone I really could care for.


               Dm7         G7      C
And then there suddenly appeared before me

         Dm7                G7    C
The only one my heart could ever hold;

        Fm7                Bb7     Eb
I heard somebody whisper, "Please adore me."

             G                    D7        G   D7  G7
And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold.

Blue moon,
Now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own.

Long-time friend and lyrics guru Ron Hontz sent me the following:
additional backstory from -- Although it has been used in many movies, including "Words And Music" (1948); "Malaya" (1949); "East Side, West Side" (1950); and "With A Song In My Heart" (1952), it was the only song by Rogers & Hart that was not actually composed FOR a movie or Broadway show.

Also, from sources I can no longer recall to identify, The Marcel's 1961 rendition did NOT go over well with the authors.

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