The Blues Is All I Ever Had

Words & Music by Bobby Troup
Recorded by Julie London, 1957

Intro:  ||:  E  -  D9 :||

E                 D9                E           D9
Some folks always seem to find the good things,

E               Bm7-5             E7
Other folks get mixed up with the bad;

      A             Edim           E           C#m7
Don't ask me what I know about the good things --

     AM7     F#m   B7   E7
The blues is all I ever had.

    E                   D9                E      D9
To some, the earth's a world of friendly faces,

E              Bm7-5             E7
For those lucky few, I'm awful glad;

A                   Edim            E       C#m7
My world's been a string of second places --

     AM7     F#m   B7   E7
The blues is all I ever had.

Am7              Cdim                 G    Em7
When I first met him, I thought that maybe

Am7                  Cdim           G
He could change this lonely life I led;

C                   Cm     Cm7-5       C     Am
When he smiled and said, "I love you, baby,"

Silly girl, I b'lieved each word he said.

  E                 D9              E         D9
Guess it's time for me to say "good bye" now --

E              Bm7-5             E7
Didn't mean to leave you feelin' sad.

A                    Edim               E       C#m7
Since he's gone, what is there left to try now?

    AM7      F#m   B7   C   E7
The blues is all I ev - er had.

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