Blue Skies

Words & Music by Irving Berlin, 1923
Recorded by Willie Nelson, 1978*

 Em        B+           Em7 A7    
Blue skies   smiling at me,

C#m7-5       G    Em7   C9  D+    G   B7
Nothing but blue skies     do I see.

Em         B+          Em7   A7
Bluebirds    singin' a song,

C#m7-5       G    Em7   C9   D+       G             
Nothing but blue birds      all day long.


   G           G6  Cm          G 
Never saw the sun shining so bright,

 C          G     D         G
Never saw things going so right.

   G         G6    Cm      G 
Noticing the days hurrying by,

   C            G        B7            Em  B+
When you're in love, my, my, how they fly.

Em         B+              Em7     A7
Blue days,    all of them gone --

C#m7-5      G          C9  D+       G  Gdim Dm7sus4   G
Nothing but blue skies    from now on.

* Willie Nelson's #1 country hit in 1978 was but the latest in a long series of successful versions of this standard. Introduced in the 1927 musical "Betsy" by Belle Baker, it reached the charts no less than six times that year -- by Ben Selvin (#1); George Olsen (#2); Vincent Lopez (#9); Johnny Marvin and Ed Smalle (also #9); Harry Richman (# 13); and Vaughn Deleath. It Charted in 1941 by Johnny Long (#22), then again in 1946 by both Count Basie (#8) and Benny Goodman (#9).

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