Blue Tango

Words & Music by Mitchell Parish* & LeRoy Anderson
Recorded by LeRoy Anderson, 1952

E7        Cdim  A   D Cdim A        F#m     E7  Cdim   E7
Here I am with you,          in a world of blue

            Bm7-5   A     Asus4 A           Bm7-5 A  Asus4  E7
While we're dancing to the tan -go we loved when first we  met

E7          Cdim    A   D Cdim A     F#m       E7  Cdim   E7
While the mu - sic plays,        I recall the days

           A      A6 F#m     Bm7-5        Fdim  E7    A
When our love was a tune that we couldn't soon for - get

      A7   Gdim  D  G  Gdim D           Cdim     A7  Em7/9  A7
As I kiss your cheek,          we don't have to speak

            G   A6 A7  D   F#m   A7             Gdim 
The vio - lins like a choir ex - press the de - sire

    A7      D  F#m   A7  G/B  A7  D7
We used to know      not long a - go

        A7  Gdim  D  G  Gdim  D        Cdim        A7  Em7/9  A7
So just hold me tight           in your arms to - night

        G    A6    A7  D   F#m  A7      A7/6  Gdim A7/6   D
And the blue tan - go will be  our mem -  o -  ry   of  love.

Repeat Second Part

Instrumental Coda:

| D   D6 - Cdim | A9 - A - A9 - A |  D6  -  D7 |  G  Gdim  |

| D   D6 - DM7  | A9 - A    Gdim |   D   A7  |   G/B  A7  |  D  |

*Parrish's lyrics are here mainly as a courtesy to him, because Anderson's recording was, as you certainly remember, an instrumental. I have only heard one recording with a vocal - one by Amanda Lear - which was pleasant but unremarkable, as were the several instrumental "me-too" versions that came out shortly after Anderson's.

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