Born Free

Words & Music by Don Black & John Barry
Recorded by Andy Williams*, 1967

D         G    A7         D          G
Born free, as free as the wind blows,

As free as the grass grows,

     G        A           D
Born free to follow your heart.

D         G    A7          D          G
Live free  and beauty surrounds you;

The world still astounds you

Em7           G/B       A7 
Each time you look at a star.


Em7              A7          Bm
Stay free, where no walls divide you;

       Bm7         Bm7-5
You´re free as the roaring tide,

   Fdim      C#m7-5 Bm7-5  A7
So there´s no need   to   hide.

D         G    A7             D       G
Born free, and life is worth living

But only worth living

       Em7   A7su4   D
´Cause you´re born free.

Last time:

        Em7  A7su4   D  G A  D        G A  D         G  A  D
´Cause you´re born free,    born free,    born free.

*This Oscar-winning title song from the 1966 film of the same name got too popular for its own good. It charted in 1966 at #7 by Roger Williams and #35 by Matt Monro, in addition to the Andy Williams version on which I based this chart. A soul version by the Hesitations hit #38 in 1968. That's the good news. The bad news is, the song quickly evolved into the protypical Elevator Music song, and seemed to get played so often in so many environments and so many ways, it eventually irritated just about everybody.

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