The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
(Gigolo And Gigolette)

Words & Music by Al Dubin & Harry Warren, 1933
Recorded by Tony Bennett, 1950

Am Fdim   E7       Fdim      Am
I  walk along the street of sorrow,

         Fdim    Am       E7
The boulevard of broken dreams,

     Fdim     Bm7-5         E7             Fdim    Bm7-5   E7
Where gi - go - lo and gigalette can take a kiss without regret

          Bb9        Bm7-5    Am
So they forget their broken dreams.

Am  Fdim    E7       Fdim   Am
You laugh tonight and cry tomorrow

           Fdim       Am        E7
When you behold your shattered dreams,

   Fdim     Bm7-5          E7           Fdim      Bm7-5     E7
And gi - go - lo and gigalette awake to find their eyes are wet

    Bb9        Bm7-5    E7     Am
With tears that tell of broken dreams.


A       AM7          A7     Dm      Dm+7  Dm7        
Here is where you'll always find me,          

       Bb9             Am    Am+7  Am7
Always walking up and down;

     Am7/G            D7     Am7 D7       D9     F7     E7
But I left my soul behind me        in an old cathedral town.

Am Fdim      E7       Fdim      Am
The joy that you find here you borrow,

           Fdim     Am       E7
You cannot keep it long it seems;

    Fdim    Bm7-5        E7         Fdim   Bm7-5    Fdim    Bbm
But gi - go - lo and gigalette still sing a song and dance along

    Bm7-5     E7     Am
Boulevard of broken dreams.

This, the first of Bennett's recordings for the Columbia label, was a decidedly up-tempo tune. But do yourself a favor: to hear a comparison of how much a musical artist brings to the material, listen to both this one, and to Diana Krall's 1995 version. Both are outstanding, both entirely different.

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