Words & Music by S.K. Russell & Ary Barroso, 1941
Recorded by Rosemary Clooney, 1958

A7    D    D6  DM7 D6 D
Bra - zil,             

      D6          DM7         D6         Em  Em+5  Em6  Em+5  A7
Where hearts were en - ter - tain - ing June,

   Em9         Em6     Em9        A7  Em9  Em6  Em9  A7
We stood be - neath an am - ber moon

     G/B       A7           G/B         D     DM7 D6 
And soft - ly mur - mured, "Some - day soon."

B7  E7     A7      D    A7   C#7    C7
We kissed     and clung to - geth - er,

B7         C         C/B      Am7       B7
Then, to - mor - row was an - oth - er day;

    C          C/B      Am7       B7
The morn - ing found me miles a - way

      C      C/B         Am7       Em  Em+5  Em6  Em+5
With still a mil - lion things to say.

Em   C  Cm  Em      Em+7        Edim    Gdim       D
Now,           when twi - light dims the sky a - bove,

     A           D             Gdim   Em
Re - call - ing thrills of our love,

              Bb9           A9   D  D6  DM7  D6
There's one thing I'm cer - tain of --

D    Em  Em+5  Em6 Gdim D      Em  Em+5  Em6 Gdim   D  D6  DM7  D6  D
Re - turn            I will to old            Bra - zil.

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