Brian's Song (The Hands of Time)

Words & Music by Alan & Marilyn Bergman & Michel Legrand
Recorded by Michel Legrand, 1972

D       DM7      G    A7
If the hands of time 

      D         DM7       G   A7
Were hands that I could hold,

D             DM7      Bm     Bm7
I'd keep them warm and in my hands

        C   GM7  Em7   A7        
They'd not turn cold.

D       DM7         G    A7
Hand in hand we'd choose 

     D       DM7        Bm6
The moments that should last,

     F#m   F#m7     Bm         Bm7
The lovely moments that should have

   E7sus   E      A
No future and no past.


     Am7                       A
The summer from the top of a swing,

     Am7                       Em7
The comfort in the sound of a lullaby,

     C                           E+7
The innocence of leaves in the spring,

     Em7             A6          G          Em7    A7
But most of all the moment when love first touched me.

D       DM7    G   A7
All the happy days

        D    DM7     Am7  D7
Would never learn to fly

  GM7               D          Bm7
Until the hands of time would choose

   Em7    A7   D
To wave "Good-bye."

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