Buona Sera

Words & Music by Peter de Rose & Carl Sigman
Recorded by Dean Martin, 1958

E7    A          F#m   Cdim   A
Buona sera, signorina, buona sera

E7     A              D9      Cdim       E7 
It is time to say goodnight to Na - po - li 

             D9      E7     D9     Bm7-6  E7
Though it's hard for us to whisper buona sera 

      D9      Cdim   E7      Cdim  Bm7-5    A
With that old moon above the Mediterranean sea 

E7     A          F#m   Cdim      A
In the morning signorina we'll go walking 

E7        A          D9      Cdim      A7     D
Where the mountains help the moon come into sight 

    F#m     D9            Dm6       Bm7-5      A       
And by the little jewelry shop we'll stop and linger 

Edim    E7    D9      Cdim Bm7-5     A6     A
While I buy a wedding ring  for your fin - ger.

E7      A       E7      A7      Fdim    D
In the meantime let me tell you that I love you 

Cdim  A    F#m   E7   D9      E7   A
Buona sera signorina kiss me goodnight.

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