Call Me Irresponsible

Words & Music by Sammy Cahn & Jimmy Van Heusen
Recorded by Frank Sinatra, 1963 (#78)
From the Paramount movie "Papa's Delicate Condition"
Academy Award winner, best song, 1963

Intro verse:

D                 F          Bb9     A9
Seems I'm always making resolutions,

      D               Cdim            A7sus4     A7
Like ev'ry night for me is New Year's Eve.

D                   F            A9        A     D9-5
Things they chisel on those institutions,

     E               Bm7-5  B7       E
The lofty thoughts I never quite achieve;

      Em              A9          A+9         DM7      D6
Each time I'm taking bows 'cause things went well,

       Bm           Bm+7    Bm7         E9  Em9  Am7   A7
Things go awry, and there am I saying, "I meant well."


D    D6 Cdim            Em Em6 Fdim
Call me irresponsible, call me unreliable,

DM7   D  F#7           Am7   B7 
Throw in undependable, too;

Em B+ A7      A9      A7  Am6  Cdim
Do my foolish al- i - bis bore you?

Bm7-5 E7  Bm7-5    E7   Em7    G/B    A7sus4 A7   A7+5
Well, I'm not too clever  I just a - dore  you.

 D   D6 Cdim            Em  Em6   Fdim
Call me unpredictable, tell me I'm impractical 

DM7     D   F#7                Am7   C#m7-5   B7
Rain - bows I'm inclined to pursue.

Em   B+ A7   A7sus4   A7     F#m      B7
Call me ir-re-spon-si-ble -- yes, I'm unreliable,

Em7    A7sus4  A7       F#7    B7
But it's un-de-ni-a-bly true

    Em9 Fdim  Em7             Gdim  A7 A7+5  D    Em7   G/B  A7sus4  A7
I'm ir - re - spon - sib - ly mad       for you.

Last time:
    Em9 Fdim  Em7             Gdim  A7 A7+5  D  D6  Dm6  G/B  A7+5  D6
I'm ir - re - spon - sib - ly mad       for you.

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