Can't Get Used to Losing You

Words & Music by Jerome "Doc" Pomus & Mort Shuman
Recorded by Andy Williams, 1963 (#2)

A                D       B7        E     B7     D
Guess there's no use in hangin' 'round;

A                D         B7       E     B7     D 
Guess I'll get dressed and do the town.

F#m                       Bm
I'll find some crowded avenue,

   B7                            E7  Gdim
Though it will be empty without you.


D                                  C#m7
Can't get used to losin' you, no matter what I try to do;

Bm              Bm7               E7
Gonna live my whole life through loving you.

A                D     B7      E     B7      D
Called up some girl I used to know;

A         D        B7      E     B7      D
After I heard her say "Hello,"

F#m                             Bm
Couldn't think of anything to say 

B7                                 E7   Gdim
Since you're gone it happens every day.

Repeat Refrain: 

A             D     B7        E     B7      D
I'll find somebody, wait and see;

A         D        B7   E     B7      D D
Who am I kiddin'?  Only me.

      F#m                           Bm
'Cause no one else could take your place

B7                              E7    Gdim
Guess that I am just a helpless case.

Repeat Refrain:

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