Careless Hands

Words & Music by Carl Sigman & Bob Hilliard
Recorded by Mel Torme, 1949

E7 D9   Fdim   A    E7  D9   A  D9     Cdim  A     
 I  let  my  heart fall in - to care - less hands,

 E7    D9    E7    A    E7   D9  A   Fdim A
Care - less hands that broke my heart in two;

 E7 D9  Fdim  A     E7  D9       A    D9   Cdim A     
You held my dreams like worth - less grains of sand --

 E7    D9    E7     A    E7   D9     A    E7    A
Care - less hands don't care when dreams slip through.

A  Cdim    A7 D9    E7   A   E7   D9   A  D9  Fdim A
I brought you joy and, Dear, I loved you so,

   C#m7-5      B7        Cdim       B7      Bm7-5      E7  D9  A  E7
But all  that sun - shine did - n't make the ro - ses grow.

E7 D9  Fdim    A     F#m
If you don't change, 

 E7    D9   A      D9   A  B7   Cdim Dm6
Some - day you'll know the sor - row of 

 D9    Fdim  E7  Bm7-5  E7  Bm7-5 E7  Cdim A
Care - less hands that can't hold on - to love.

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