Carolina In The Morning

Words & Music by Gus Kahn & Walter Donaldson, 1922
Recorded by Al Jolson, 1947

D9                A7
Nothing could be finer 

        D6        Cdim         Em  Cdim  Em  A7  
Than to be in Carolina in the morn   -   ing;

Em              B+
No one could be sweeter 

        Em7            Em6             Fdim    D   A7  D7
Than my sweetie when I meet her in the morn - ing.

G         Gdim     D       D7
Where the morning glories 

G      Gdim        D        B7
Twine around the door

E7                  A       F#7
Whispering pretty stories 

Bm7-5         E7/6       A   AM7  A7  A7/6
  I   long to hear once more

D9                 A7
Strolling with my girlie 

          D6            Cdim         Em  Cdim  Em  A7
Where the dew is pearly early in the morn   - ing

Em               B+
Butterflies all flutter up 

    Em7              Em6          Fdim    D   A7 
And kiss each little buttercup at dawning

D   A7/6      D          A7/6     D          D7
If I had A - lad - din's lamp for on - ly a day

G   Em7              E7              A7    
I'd make a wish and here's what I'd say

D                Em
Nothing could be finer 

        D         Bm7          E7  A7   D
Than to be in Carolina in the morn   - ing!

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