Carolina Moon

Words & Music by Benny Davis & Joe Burke
Recorded by Perry Como, 1947*
First Recorded by Kate Smith, 1923*

G        G7         C     Cm6
Carolina moon, keep shi - ning,

G               D7               G    Am7   D7
Shining on the one who waits for me;

G        G7        C     Cm6
Carolina moon, I'm pi - ning,

G              D7              G
Pining for the place I long to be.


How I'm hoping tonight you'll go,

G                E7
Go to the right window;

A7                 Gdim                 Am7   D7    D+
Scatter your light, say I'm all right, please do.

G                 G7       C      Cm6
Tell her that I'm blue and lone - ly,

G     G/F#   A7 D7  G     (  Gdim   D7   )
Dreamy Car-o-li-na moon.

* Although not a frequently-recorded song ( shows it as having been recorded only 39 times) this song has had not only exceptional longevity, but has appealed to a huge variety of recording artists. Kate Smith's 1923 version is the earliest reference I have seen; it was covered again as recently as 1999 by Lee Ann Rimes -- 76 years later. In between, it was covered by such diverse talents as Jim Reeves, Thelonious Monk and Dean Martin.

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