C'est Manifique

Words & Music by Cole Porter
Recorded by Peggy Lee, 1960

E7    A    E7   A       D9       Cdim   A
When love comes in and takes you for a spin,

   C#m7-5     F#7        Bm7      Bm7-5  E7
Oo - la - la - la, c'est mag - ni - fi - que.

     Bm     F#7       Bm        Bm+7      Bm7
When ev'ry night your loved one holds you tight,

    Bm7-5     E7/9      Cdim        A6   AM7
Oo - la - la - la, c'est mag - ni - fi - que.

E7   A    E7   A         D9       Cdim    A
But when, one day, your loved one drifts away,

   C#m7-5      A  AM7  A7     A7/6      DM7   D6
Oo - la - la - la,        it's so  tra - gi - que.

     D9        Dm6  Fdim  A       C#m7-5      F#7
But when, once more, she whispers, "Je t'a - dore,"

     Cdim        D9  Dm6  E7/6 Bm7-5   A   D9    A6
C'est mag - ni - fi         -         que.

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