Changing Partners

Words & Music by Joe Darion & Larry Coleman
Recorded by Patti Page, 1953 (#3

A7      D        A7 D           D7    D7/9 D9   G
We were waltzin' together to a dreamy mel - o - dy

 G/F#     Em                  A7
When they called out "Change partners"

         G       Edim     D
And you waltzed away from me.

A7      D        A7 D           D7    D7/9 D9   G
Now my arms feel so empty as I gaze around the floor,

         Gm      E7        D
And I'll keep on changing partners

        G   Em7 A7    D
Till I hold you once more.

A7           D        A7 D                D7    D7/9 D9   G
Though we danced for one moment, and too soon we had to part,

G/F#     Em                  A7    G       Edim     D
In that wonderful moment somethin' happened to my heart;

A7      D      A7      D                   D7    D7/9 D9   G
So I'll keep changing partners till you're in my arms and then,

       Gm      E7      D            G     Em7  A7   D
Oh, my darlin' I will never change part - ners a - gain.

Page's version of this song, though it never rose above #3 on the charts, still hung around those charts for 19 weeks suring 1953-1953. It scored higher than the versions released by Kay Starr (#7), Dinah Shore (#12) and Bing Crosby (#13.)

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